ELTAF AGM / ELTAF Workshop: Understanding the Behavioral Colors of Clients and Students

14:00-16:00 Workshop

16:30-17:30 AGM

Location:  International School of Management, Room 208, Mörfelder Landstraße 55, 60598 Frankfurt am Main
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Jerry W. Redmond: Understanding the Behavioral Colors of Clients and Students
The Behavioral Colors Matter!
This workshop is based on Jerry’s book, The Key to Successful Human Interaction is Knowing Your Color! We will focus on understanding your own behavioral color, and those of our clients and students. We will discuss the four main colors and what they reveal about us, and those we deal with daily. We will look at using this information to improve our self-marketing skills when dealing with clients. This information can assist us when making our sales pitches to those of a different “color tribe” from our own. There will be time for group discussions and role-play of common negotiation situations, to demonstrate the importance of knowing what to say, when to say it, and when it’s better to be silent. This workshop is for every teacher that knows the worth of their time, sweat, sometimes tears, when they sit for hours working on lesson plans, calculating offers for potential customers, and having to hear the words “others will take this price if you don’t.” What would you say in that situation?

Biographical information:
Jerry W. Redmond is a lecturer at the IBA University of Cooperative Education in Kassel, teaching Business English, Intercultural Communication, and Technical English. He studied Business Administration with the University of Maryland while based in Frankfurt. He is also the co-owner of the company English4you-Kassel, which provides language consulting and coaching services for companies working in the international market. He also works as a motivational trainer for mid-size companies in Hessen.

The workshop will be followed by our annual AGM! 

There is no fee, but please send an e-mail to events@eltaf.de if you plan on attending. This will help us greatly in planning the event.