ELTAF Conference 2017

Location: Frankfurt International School (FIS), An der Waldlust 15, 61440 Oberursel

The 13th ELTAF Conference took place on Saturday, 24 June 2017 at the Frankfurt International School (FIS).

Thank you to all the speakers, members, guests and publishers who made this event a great success!

Conference Schedule

Conference Workshop Descriptions


Workshop Downloads:

Plenary Presentation - Andreas Grundtvig

Building up Confidence with Small Talk - Pauline Bramall-Stephany & Nicola Thompson

Minimizing Miscommunication in the Workplace - Evan Frendo

Market Yourself for Success - Gabriella Jones

10 Useful Things to do with Smartphones in a Lesson - Wilton Mills

Your Materials in your Bag: On the Road with your iPad - Daniel Payne

Creating Activities for Different Learner Types, Presentation - Marjorie Rosenberg

Creating Activities for Different Learner Types, Handouts - Marjorie Rosenberg

Practical, Fun and Easy Activities for Business English - Marjorie Rosenberg