ELTAF Workshop: Theatre Techniques in the Classroom


Location: Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Konferenz, Im Hauptbahnhof 1, 60329 Frankfurt am Main.  Lift located opposite platform 4.  Parking in Hauptbahnhof Süd Parking Garage, Mannheimerstrasse.

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Abigail Paul: Theatre Techniques in the Classroom


Using the techniques of the theatre and improvisation, the first half of this interactive workshop will give teachers some ideas on new ways to refresh their creative skill set in the language classroom. The activities will allow participants to be on their feet, in a collaborative and supportive environment that mirrors the suggested techniques for use in the classroom with students. These techniques are less about language skills and more about the art of communicating. The session begins with some important information on vocal health and a vocal warmup, an oft ignored issue for teachers.


For the second half of the day, we will put some of the theory of improvisational theatre into action and explore the dynamics of classroom management using Keith Johnstone’s ‘status’ theory to explore the concept of ‘Teacher in Role.’ The correct application of 'Status' can be an effective way of changing pupil behaviours. This workshop is designed to impart the principles of Status to you so that you can become an expert yourself, and learn to raise and lower your status at will, in order to keep you one step ahead of your pupils. This, along with other fundamental principles from the world of improvisational theatre can be useful in helping teachers be prepared to integrate unexpected contributions from pupils or the outside world into the classroom.


Topics covered: 

  • Vocal Health for the teacher 
  • Creating a group dynamic 
  • Listening and concentrating 
  • Working with text 
  • Storytelling 
  • Classroom Management


Biographical information: Abigail Paul holds a BFA in theatre from the University of Central Florida, and a master’s degree in mass communications from the University of Leicester. She is the founder and artistic director of Theatre Language Studio Frankfurt, a non-profit theatre and education communications company, and also works at the European School as a secondary school teacher.



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