KSS on the Business of Freelancing (2pm - 5.30pm)

This will be a KSS dealing with various topics surrounding the business of being a "true" freelancing English Teacher. Speakers will be Anna Pavese, Liz Jolliffe and Vicki Mahler. Directions here.

Topics will include

1) Anna – Getting in-company contracts from the perspective of an HR insider: what a savvy freelancer must know before pitching himself/herself to big firms.

2) Liz - getting started and staying on track with self-employment as an ELT freelancer

3) Vicki - an analysis of the results of the PAY SURVEY, (results see here, if you are logged in). Otherwise login to Member's page (Login below) and select the tab "Pay Survey 2008".

Booking is now CLOSED. If you are unable to attend this event, please send an email to christine@taylor-dorenkamp.de so that others still wishing to attend may take your place.
Many thanks!