Event Details

  • Start Date 16/02/2019
  • Start Time 14:00
  • End Date 16/02/2019
  • End Time 17:30
  • Location International School of Management (Room 006), Mörfelder Landstraße 55, 60598 Frankfurt am Main

ELTAF AGM / ELTAF Workshop: Learn English with TED Talks: a flipped approach for teaching 21st century skills
14:00-16:00 Workshop
16:30-17:30 AGM

Timothy Phillips: Learn English with TED Talks – a flipped approach for teaching 21st century skills
With their new program, Learn English with TED Talks, the ELT publisher National Geographic Learning has taken a flipped classroom approach to using TED Talks as a teaching and learning resource. The program is designed to help learners not only understand the language but above all discuss the “ideas worth sharing” of a broad range of TED Talks.

In this presentation and workshop, Tim will demonstrate the overall pedagogical concept underlying the program as well as provide practical classroom examples of using the learner app and the teacher’s digital Classroom Presentation Tool. Although the 21st Century will already be over 18 years old by the time of the workshop, he will also focus on why – despite the recent hype about 21st century skills -TED Talks do indeed provide an authentic platform with which to develop such skills and more.

Remember to bring your smartphone with you! Workshop participants will gain access to the complete app contents.

Biographical information:
Timothy Phillips has been involved in the ELT industry in Germany for over 30 years, both as teacher and consultant. He was co-developer of one of the first viable blended learning programs, CATS Corporate English,
before the term came of age. His long-founded interest in blended learning combined with his belief that relevant, appropriately prepared, authentic content is key to learning success, has brought him to National Geographic Learning, renowned for its recent partnership with TED Talks and its Keynote coursebook series. Tim represents National Geographic Learning in Austria, Germany & Switzerland.

The workshop will be followed by our annual AGM!
There is no fee, but please send an e-mail to events@eltaf.de if you plan on attending. This will help us greatly in planning the event.