Post a training or teaching position on our Jobs Hotline !

Are you looking for an English trainer to conduct lessons at your company? 

Are you searching for an English trainer for a university course?

Do you need someone to provide an English language service?

Or are you a language school looking for additional trainers?

Post your job offer via our Jobs Hotline.  Your offer will go out on our internal members-only email list – giving you access to over 300 professionals in the Rhein-Main area. Simply email our Jobs Hotline Coordinators, Katrina Taylor and Catherine Fliege, at with the following details:

  • Brief description of the position
  • Location details
  • Pay rate per 45/60 minutes  (minimum 25€ per 45 minutes – see note below)
  • Expected days/times/number of hours
  • Contact details

We make every effort to post your offer in a timely manner.  If you do not receive a response to your job posting within a few days, please contact us at

Alternatively, you can search on our ‘Find a Trainer’ page for a possible candidate who has the skills you are looking for. This includes areas of expertise and other language abilities.

If you are currently an ELTAF member, please feel free to send a private job, e.g. private English tuition or training using languages other than English, to ELTAF members directly via the members-only email list. However, any official post relating to the English language from companies or organisations must be sent to the Jobs Hotline to distribute.

Please note the following: 

ELTAF Jobs Hotline will not accept corporate offers without a clear indication of the minimum hourly rate (€25 per 45 minutes), unless it is an offer for employed work directly with a company, organisation or university, in which case applicants are free to negotiate an appropriate salary with them. 

We are not able to post job offers requesting a “native speaker” and ask that you instead use a phrase such as “native speaker level or equivalent ability” in your offer.

The job posting will be passed on immediately to ELTAF‘s members-only e-mail list. It is the decision of those to take action and contact the company or ELT organization concerned if they are interested.

ELTAF does not accept responsibility for the outcome of any applications made by members, nor does it vouch for the credibility or standards of the hiring/advertising organizations.