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  • Start Date 30/01/2021
  • Start Time 14:00
  • End Date 30/01/2021
  • End Time 16:30

Cambridge Webinar: Resources & Ideas for Teaching English to Children

Organised in cooperation with: ELTAF and Provadis

This event will provide a large variety of ideas & tips on how to teach English
to young children, as well as an introduction to the Young Learners series and
resources by Cambridge English and Cambridge University Press.


14:00-15:00 Prioritising age-appropriate pedagogy for teaching English to children

Workshop with David Valente (Cambridge University Press)

15:00-15:15 Break

15:15-16:15 Cambridge Young Learners: testing and learning, integrated

Presentation by Tania Pichierri (Cambridge University Press) & Simona Petrescu (Cambridge Assessment English)

16:15-16:30 Q&A Session with Tania Pichierri, Simona Petrescu & Laurence Henry (Provadis)

This event is free of charge.

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Programme Details:

Prioritising age-appropriate pedagogy for teaching English to children
There is a highly extensive range of materials available in print and online for teaching English to children. However, in reality, how much of this material is based on adult ELT pedagogies? How can young learner English language teachers retain a focus on age-appropriate pedagogy, anchor their language lessons in the child’s world and provide them with enjoyable English learning experiences? I will address these questions by sharing engaging, fun and physical techniques and approaches to developing children’s language skills and learning strategies.
Speaker – Biographical Information
David Valente is the Coordinator of the IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group. He works as a PhD Research Fellow in English Language and Literature Subject Pedagogy at Nord University, Norway, where he teaches at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the Teacher Education Unit. David has over 20 years’ experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher educator, academic manager, author and editor and his specialist interests include children’s literature in ELT, primary and secondary teacher education and inclusive classroom practices. His publications comprise a recent chapter on syllabus developments in primary ELT for The Routledge Handbook of Teaching English to Young Learners. He is also one of the Associate Editors for the Children’s Literature in English Language Education (CLELE) Journal, a peer-reviewed online journal for those involved in using and researching children’s literature in English learning as a second, additional or foreign language.

Cambridge Young Learners: testing and learning, integrated
This practical session provides an overview of the Cambridge Young Learners tests, highlighting their motivating character, their levels and task formats, as well as their suitability in schools. Participants are given a brief tour of the teaching materials available, with the possibility of diving into specific book sections and exploring how digital resources can provide valuable insights into the students’ progress. To make this session even more practical, we are also interviewing a teacher on her experience teaching young students using the Cambridge Young Learners curriculum and materials.
Speakers – Biographical Information
Simona Petrescu has been a teacher of English since 1996, focusing on Cambridge English exam
preparation courses. She is an experienced teacher trainer and teaching materials writer, formerly a
Cambridge English Speaking Examiner and Speaking Examiner trainer. She works for Cambridge
Assessment English as an Assessment Services Manager for Europe, with a particular focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In this role she provides orientation on assessment and pedagogical aspects related to Cambridge English Qualifications and teaching English in general.

Following an international career in theatre arts, Tania Pichierri returned to Italy to teach languages for both private schools and NATO. She has worked with young learners, teenagers and adults and taught both General English and Cambridge exam preparation classes. Expanding on her teaching experience, Tania then moved on to work as an academic content writer for Education First, where she created English teaching material for children and teenagers. Her experience in publishing and teaching has since brought her to Cambridge University Press, where she now covers the role of an ELT adviser for Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Her goal is to help teachers choose the best material for their students’ needs.

Laurence Henry, born in 1961 in Columbus, Georgia, attended and taught at universities in Virginia and Texas, and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, and Master’s degrees in Human Nutrition and Health Education. In 2001, he moved permanently to Germany with his wife and two sons, and since then has been teaching at the University of Giessen and the University of Marburg, as well as in private universities and companies. He is also a speaking examiner and examination invigilator for Cambridge English (Main Suite, BEC, and Young Learners) and the British Council (IELTS).

This event is free of charge.