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  • Start Date 30/05/2020
  • Start Time 14:00
  • End Date 30/05/2020
  • End Time 17:30

ELTAF Webinar (Zoom): Press Release and GO! Bring a Game – Bring your “A” Game with Vincent Wongaiham-Petersen

Press “Release” and GO!

Are press releases just for the journalists and publications they are primarily written for or could our Business English in-company classes also benefit from them? Would it even make sense to bring something into our classes most people consider dry and boring?
In this webinar, we will mine a resource that trainers mostly (and maybe even conveniently) overlook although it is usually readily available to the public (and to trainers!), especially when dealing with medium-sized enterprises, international, or multinational companies.

We will look at the pros and cons of using these, explore some of the things we can do with typical exponents and have a go at adapting them to our learners’ more everyday needs. And of course, we’ll look at how to use them online.

Bring a Game – Bring Your “A” Game”!

When we think of games ready-made for our classes, handy photocopiable activities available from coursebook publishers usually come to mind. But there are also quite a number of “normal” games available out there for the general public that can be bought, adapted, or replicated to suit our language classes. And what’s more, quite a number of these games can be adapted to fit an online teaching environment.

I’ll show you some of the games I’ve used and abused successfully, give you quick rundowns of how they’re played, inspire you with some DIY ideas, and get you on your way to expanding your own games library.

If you’re a teacher of other languages, do come along for the ride. Even though the examples are set within the English-speaking world, there’ll definitely be some worthwhile ideas for you to take home, try out with students, and even play with your friends.

Now let the games begin!

Biographical information:

Vincent Wongaiham-Petersen started teaching Filipino 20 years ago and decided to start teaching another exotic language – English – some 11 years ago. Before EFL got a hold of him, he lived it up with the Bachelors in Communications in Manila and also partied hard with the Masters in Economics in Hamburg. In between not knowing what else to study, he manages and also teaches for his own language training company. He mainly does Business English but can also be found trekking through ESP, Academic English, and intercultural competence workshops.

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