Event Details

  • Start Date 14/07/2023
  • Start Time 14:00
  • End Date 14/07/2023
  • End Time 18:00
  • Location Hochschule RheinMain, Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18, 65197 Wiesbaden

The ELTAF group which we started for members who teach in the university system, TertiaryTreff, will be meeting up again on July 14, 2-6pm, at the Hochschule RheinMain in Wiesbaden. If anyone would like to join us (among other things we’ll be talking about a workshop at Members’ Day), or if you’d like to be included in the group anyway, just let me know:)

A virtual meeting is also in the planning stages!


Best regards from the Rheingau,



Emma Gledhill-Schmitt

Head of the Language Center

Hochschule Geisenheim University